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BioShock Remastered PC versions has problems

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Recently, the players found that it is not possible to perform streaming in BioShock: The Collection, but now, PC users became aware of other problems and the absence of some features.


Through the BioShock page on Steam, the players affirm that BioShock: The Collection for PC is not a remastered version, since it only has better lighting and textures with minor improvements. Others mention that the game stops when transported by Bathyspheres.

Meanwhile, some users of Steam mention that BioShock 2 has changed with just a few tweaks in visual effects and graphic options that are absent, and that like the first BioShock, there is a not a remastering. Meanwhile, BioShock Infinite appears to be free of these problems.

However, the title has mixed views on Steam. Some users, such as DigitalCreation, agree that the improvement is less prevalent and some errors, but the result is not so bad in the end.

“It’s certainly not terrible but it’s lazy,” said DigitalCreation, a Steam user. “Old bugs from the original game are still present and the graphics are only slightly better. This is the best version only because of the small graphics update. No crashes or gamebreaking bugs encountered yet.”

For now, 2K Games has not commented on the version of BioShock: The Collection on PC, so we have to wait for some kind of information or an update that improves the quality of the title.

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