Bioshock Remastered coming to Mac OS

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There is good news for Mac users, as Feral Interactive announced that they will soon be releasing BioShock: The Collection on Mac OS X, all within the framework of the 10th anniversary of the franchise.

A revised version of the first-person shooter, BioShock, published in 2007, has been available for the PC since 2016. This year, BioShock Remastered will be finally available for the Mac OS. The video game publisher Feral Interactive, which specializes in porting for Mac OS and Linux, wants to release the new edition to match the 10th birthday of the series.

So, BioShock: The Collection will be available for Mac in the store of Feral Interactive, distributor specialized in titles for Mac and Linux. The players will also be able to find the game on Steam and the App Store sometime during the remainder of the year. As a note, Feral Interactive was responsible for performing the original title port from 2009 to OS X.

This version was released last year on consoles and PC, and it is a package that includes the remastered trilogy. BioShock: The Collection includes the first BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, all with better textures and frames per second.

The already nice and unusual look of BioShock is to be re-polished in the Remastered version. BioShock Remastered is available in the Feral Store, Steam and the Mac App Store as a standalone game. Feral Interactive wants to announce details of the system requirements and the price shortly before the release of BioShock Remastered for Mac OS 10.

On the other hand, we remind you that BioShock debuted on August 21, 2007. The franchise will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the coming days, although 2K has not revealed for the moment some activity to celebrate the date.