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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC download available soon

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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC is a new update coming soon that will bring out tons of new things and extend the gameplay. The DLC is being announced and there is a bit time when it finally appear for download. This DLC mostly target the Hard Mode where extended rewards and achievement will create more challenging environment. With this the dlc will also work on the bug fixes. You will find more enhancement in the gameplay. There is no date fixed yet. But you have to keep a close watch on the DLC which might be coming out in recent weeks. You can expect new challenges, new items, new type of characters, enemies, bosses, etc on the same.

Feature of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC –

  • Hundreds of more new items.
  • Entirely new type of gameplay mode
  • New game characters with around 10 new challenges.
  • New game endings with different final chapter.
  • Different boss fight and new kind of enemies.
  • Extra add-ons in the items to pickup.
  • More enhancement in rewards so that you can play games in different mode.
  • Extended gameplay by more than 100+ hours.