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Bill Gates was the Secret Santa of a Redditor

Aerrix, a reddit user, saw what many of us already suspected: billionaires are the best secret friends. Aerrix is a user of redditgifts, a site operated by reddit where people can register to participate in a secret exchange. Basically a user receives an anonymous secret from a friend and sends him a gift and then receives one too. The interesting thing about the story is that Aerrix’s secret friend (Secret Santa) turned out to be Bill Gates.

When Aerrix received her package, delivered by the FedEx champions, she discovered that the founder of Microsoft had sent him a mountain of gifts – many of them with personal notes written by Gates – among which the following stands out to be the following:

1. An Xbox One S Minecraft edition.
2. One controller of Xbox One Dawn Shadow.
3. One controller of Xbox One Copper Shadow.
4. One controller of Xbox One Dusk Shadow.
5. Prepaid cards with a total of 12 months of Xbox LIVE.
6. Rise of the Tomb Rider.
7. Halo 5: Guardians limited edition.
8. Gloves of Zelda, for Aerrix and her dog.
9. A Master Sword of papercraft.
10. An NES Classic Edition.
11. A blanket of Zelda.
12. A frame with a photo of Aerrix, her husband and Bill Gates, the latter added thanks to the magic of Christmas and PhotoShop.

So, you know, perhaps subscribing to is not a bad idea, you never know when you might be the secret friend of a billionaire with a great sense of style of gamer. And we also hope that this story will serve as a lesson in your next exchange and do not return to give away jugs or books of Paulo Coelho.

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