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Video Game’s Biggest Villain Is Microtransactions, According to God of War Director

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Cory Barlog, director of the God of War game, used Twitter to mock the microtransaction system. It’s no secret to anyone that he doesn’t like the gimmick, but he’s still attacking this side of the gaming industry.

In response to an Xbox tweet asking who would be the biggest villain of all games, he replied, “Microtransactions.”

Barlog, who works for Santa Monica Studios, was responsible for the game that won the latest Game Of The Year. Remembering that God of War is a single-player title without any kind of microtransaction, it can be considered the needle in the haystack of an industry currently dominated by multiplayer with the shopping feature.

Check out the official Tweet below, using and abusing humor:

For some time now, Barlog, also on Twitter, used the old irony to comment on microtransactions. Even before the release of God of War, he published a Kratos GIF destroying a chest in an allusion to the Spartan “take that loot boxes.”

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