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Big Ramy Writes History by Becoming Mr. Olympia in 2020

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Big Ramy becomes the new Mr. Olympia of 2020. The pro bodybuilder from Egypt won the championship after much fan hype and hard work for many years. He took the title after fighting four-way Pro bodybuilders this year.

Big Ramy’s real name is Mamdouh Elssbiay. He has been the favorite to win the tournament, Mr. Olympia, for many years. He has brought unimaginably size to Mr. Olympia championship. No other prep bodybuilders have been able to show such size. Many fans thought Big Ramy would come in the second position because of his big size.


Big Ramy trained in the Mecca of bodybuilding – Kuwait

The 2020 Mr. Olympia represented Kuwait, which is Mecca of the new growing bodybuilding pinnacle. He is actually from Egypt.

The man trained in the Oxygen gym in Kuwait. It is famous for a huge transformation regime it provides for becoming huge titans. Many bodybuilders have been training there to up their game. Brandon Curry, who won the 2019 Mr. Olympia, also trained in Kuwait.

Big Ramy did not have immediate success though there was much hype. He showed bigger and better muscles over the years in this competition. Unfortunately, he lacked something to reach the title. People would often criticize his conditioning for his defeat but not this year.

The pro bodybuilder from Egypt participated in Mr. Olympia from 2013

The Egyptian bodybuilder first participated in Mr. Olympia in 2013. He ranked in the eighth position below the six highlights. Though he had lower ranks, even the higher ranked bodybuilders did not have such mammoth as his. After that, his fans started the hype of him becoming the champion soon.

The ranks of the bodybuilder improved over the years in the competition. Big Ramy got 2nd position in 2017, Mr. Olympia. His dreams became a reality in this competition as even Phil Heath felt threatened in front of Big Ramy. He seemed to have a lot of chances to win against Phil heath.

Ramy had fruitful chances in 2017 Mr. Olympia

The fight was so neck-to-neck that many thought Ramy with massive size, was the true winner. The competition saw similar controversy in 2007 when Victor Martinez became the runner up. Many thought it was not the right decision.

Phil Heath felt overshadowed by Big Ramy in 2017. But Ramy missed the victory by a fraction. His fans were optimistic for the 2018 Olympia. They thought to see bigger muscles of big Ramy and more lack of conditioning.

Big Ramy didn’t meet the fan’s desire as he ranked 6th position in 2018 Mr. Olympia. There were issues with his conditioning. Big Ramy apologized to his fans for disappointing them that year.

The new trainer changed preparation towards Mr. Olympia

Neil Yoda Hill, a new trainer, trained Big Ramy after he quit Oxygen gym. His approach of preparation towards the competition changed with this new trainer.

Big Ramy did not come for Mr Olympia 2019 competition. He had injuries apparently, but he denied them. His fans missed him for that year fully.

That gap seemed to work for the Egyptian Pro bodybuilder at last. His improvement after the hiatus was impeccable. The conditioning improved, still maintaining his big size. Ramy ultimately won the Mr. Olympia competition in 2020.

Ramy beat Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan, and Phil heath

Hadi Choopan and Brandon Curry faced tough competition. But Phil Heath faced the most threats. They could not put enough efforts this year to beat him down. The victory went to big Ramy finally.

The average age of athletes of Pro bodybuilding hitting their prime time is generally high. The journey of a Pro bodybuilder is very intense and time-consuming. Therefore it takes more time for a bodybuilder to reach his ultimate success than other athletic sports.

Big Ramy really earned this success through a slow and steady journey. Phil Heath could not make his comeback, and Brandon Curry could not keep his previous reign in front of the ultimate Mr. Olympia!