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Big European Clubs have been disappointing so far in the 2020/21 season

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Even though many fans expect, or even think, that big clubs will always be at the top of the table, or at least fighting for the title, we know that sometimes football may surprise. Even with some great players and a lot of investment, it is possible to see the top clubs of Europe facing difficult moments. Big European Clubs that have been disappointing so far in the 2020/21 season

During the beginning of the 2020/21 season, this probably became clearer as we are seeing some giants of European football having serious problems. In Spain, for example, both Barcelona and Real Madrid are not fighting for the first place until now.

Author Kate Richardson analyzed the big competitions of Europe and prepared an article with some of the big clubs in the continent that have been disappointing their fans so far.


Real Madrid

The Merengues’ problems didn’t start this season. Since last year it is clear that the football of the club is not at the same level as during other seasons, especially since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure.

In the Spanish League, the club is only in 4th place with 20 points, and seeing their city rival, Atletico, in the top of the table. Things could have been worse for Real Madrid, but they were able to play well in the last matchday of the Champions League’s group stage and qualified to the round of 16.


The other giant of Spain lives a worse moment than their rivals. The Catalan’s problems started at the end of last season, when they suffered that terrible loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League and almost lost Lionel Messi, who was basically obligated to stay at the club.

Even though they qualified to the knockout stage of the Champions League, Barcelona are just 9th place in La Liga’s table, with 10 points. Of course they have only 10 games played, while other clubs have already 12. However, Atletico Madrid, who are first place in the league, also have only 10 matches.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s men have been living a terrible season so far. If in the last years they were always fighting at the top since the beginning of the Premier League, this year things are different.

After 10 matches played, the Citizens were only able to get 18 points, leaving them at 8th place in the table. They are 6 points behind Tottenham and Liverpool, both with 24 in first and second place respectively.


If things are bad for Manchester City, they are just terrible for Arsenal. The club, which doesn’t have games left, is near the relegation zone, at the 15th position.

After 11 matches, the Gunners were only able to get 13 points. So far in the Premier League, Miguel Arteta’s men have already lost 6 matches, winning just 4. The only thing that is holding Arsenal now is the fact that they finished in first place in their group in Europa League.

Schalke 04

Even though some people won’t consider Schalke a big club in Europe, they are in Germany. And their season so far in the Bundesliga is really disappointing.

After ten matches, the Royal Blues were not able to win a single match, being at the bottom of the league table with just 3 points so far. That’s 20 points less than the first place, Bayern Munich.

Borussia Dortmund

Many expected that this season Borussia Dortmund would finally show great football, with Sancho and Haaland, and have bigger chances of finally getting the Bundesliga title once again. That’s not what we see until now.

The Black and Yellow are only in 5th place in the league table, with 19 points after 10 games. And while Bayern Munich have lost just one match until now, Dortmund have lost 3 already. In the Champions League, they qualified to the round of 16, even though it doesn’t look they will go far.


Another giant that is not having a good season so far in the national league. Juventus have started the Serie A TIM with some difficulties and is not in the top 4 until now.

Even though the Old Lady still didn’t lose in the national league, they have shared points in 5 matches. After 10 games played, they have 20 points and are in 5th place. The first place, AC Milan, is with 26 points.


If in the last season we saw a brilliant Lazio fighting for the title with Juventus and even having the top scorer of Europe, that is not what is happening this season.

After 10 matches, the club is only at the 7th position, with 17 points so far. Ciro Immobile, the top scorer last season, has scored 6 goals so far and is the 5th in the top scorer table.


Even though it is normal to have bad moments, it seems that this season is being a little more difficult for some big clubs in European football. Big European Clubs that have been disappointing so far in the 2020/21 season.

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