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Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be Switch exclusive for one year?

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Last night, during its E3 conference, Ubisoft has surprised the audience by closing the show with the presentation of a CGI trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Neither the video nor the developers, however, have made any reference to any targeted console of the game, and so on the network began to circulate rumors and speculation.

The most observant will remember Laura Kate Dale, alleged insider who first revealed the existence of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Recently, Ubisoft announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 with a trailer, a highly anticipated title.

In any case, Laura Kate Dale said that according to his own source, who revealed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be a temporary exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, Laura Kate Dale, has published a tweet in which he states that he has heard from a reliable source that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be temporary exclusive to Nintendo Switch for a year before arriving on other platforms.

The announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at the Ubisoft conference was received with great joy by fans, although for the moment the information at our disposal are still very small. We know that the story will take place before the birth of Jade – the protagonist of the first chapter – in a multicultural place full of fascinating scenarios and received a first taste of the main characters that will populate this new adventure.

At the moment, however, it is just a rumor, which has not been confirmed in any way. However, we may know more tonight, during the Spotlight event that Nintendo has in the stores for E3 2017.

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