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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Two New Concept Art Reveal Settings of the Game

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In recent days, Ubisoft has updated the official website of Beyond Good and Evil 2 by publishing two new concept art dedicated to the settings of the game.

You can admire the two striking images at the top of this news and one below. One of the two scenarios depicts a lake surrounded by greenery, in what seems to effects all the Asian landscape. The other, however, is definitely steampunk and shows a city with a sky at sunset plowed by massive airships in flight.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Concept Art Images

The development team took the opportunity to ask users “what types of environments are you looking forward to discovering, exploring and expressing yourselves in, as free pirates in System 3”, and published a short list of what they are currently considering:

1. Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spaceports, dormant volcanic craters…
2. Black markets in city slums
3. Treacherous mining operations
4. Lush valleys with sacred temples
5. Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space

What do you think? Which of these places would you like to explore? Probably all, we bet, but if you want to say yours then the right place is at the official forum.

At the time of writing this news, the reference platforms of Beyond Good and Evil 2 have not yet been announced, nor the release date of the game. During a livestream held in December, a lot of information about this interesting project was unveiled. You can check that video below: