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Betting and FIFA: YouTuber Craig Douglas declared guilty


Today we want to tell you about some news of the first trial focused on gambling connected to a video game in the history of United Kingdom. The English YouTuber Craig Douglas (one of the most popular webstar in the UK) is over the center of a betting scandal tied to FIFA.

The YouTuber, Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas and his partner, Dylan Rigby, are the founders of FUT Galaxy, a site that allows players to place betting using the in-game currency of FIFA. Douglas had made videos in which he showed his winnings without revealing the fact that he was the owner of the site. There were too many doubts on the real possibilities of guaranteed winning during these videos.


The UK Gambling Commission has intervened in this matter accusing both founders this year. What’s the latest news? Douglas, as reported by Eurogamer, decided to plead guilty and apparently manages to avoid prison but will have to pay a pretty hefty fine.

The YouTuber said that soon he will release a video where he will reveal the whole truth on the matter, and meanwhile thanked all the fans for their support on his Twitter profile:

“I will upload a video in due course presenting my side of the story. The facts remain I plead guilty to two charges, and a substantial fine was the outcome. The worst year of my life concluded today. I have so much to say, but you’ll take whatever judgement you feel needed from the press.”

“I want to thank all of those that have supported me through my journey. I would understand any viewer’s choice to no longer watch my content. I owe a huge apology and debt of gratitude to my loyal supporters. Even if this is the end of our journey together, I am grateful.”

The UK Gambling Commission has condemned Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby: the first will have to pay a fine of 91,000 pounds while the second one is fined an amount of 174,000 pounds, excluding legal fees. With a large sum to pay, in any case, both the accused have avoided the jail time.

According to the reports by, the UK Gambling Commission had already given statement on the sentencing of Douglas. It was stated that all websites that offer gambling facilities, like for example Betting Top 10 and others, in Britain should be licensed.