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Bethesda’s next mobile game will be different from Fallout Shelter

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Bethesda Game Studios, responsible for sagas like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, is working on what will be their next mobile game after the debut of Fallout Shelter, a successful title that debuted in 2015 on iOS and Android. Todd Howard, the studio’s director, confirmed in 2016 that the company was going to continue working in this segment and has now given a few clues about the title they are creating.

In an interview with US-based GameSpot, Howard explains that “We loved making it so we were ecstatic when it was so successful,” Howard said about the free-to-play Shelter. The game was released for iOS and Android devices in 2015; as of June 2016, it had more than 50 million registered players. Bethesda doesn’t provide specifics, but reports have said the game has made millions of dollars, with revenue coming from microtransactions. “It kind of blew us away,” Howard says of the positive reception of the game among the audience.

For Howard, the key to long-term success in the mobile gaming segment is to continually launch new updates that keep gamers interested. In the case of Fallout Shelter there have been multiple updates, patches and events.

As for Bethesda’s future on mobile phones, Howard says the company has been thinking about it for a long time. “We do have another mobile project game that we thought about for a while. Based on the Shelter experience, we’re kind of rolling on something new.”

However, Howard is reluctant to reveal new details about this project. It is believed to be being developed in the Montreal office, which Bethesda opened in December 2015, although there has been no official confirmation.

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