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Bethesda talks about the cancellation of Prey 2

Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda, has talked about the reasons that led to the cancellation of Prey 2 before the saga was rescued to perform a restart by Arkane Studios.

Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda, has talked with the official magazine of Xbox about Prey, one of his future video games in the portfolio and a title that they have commissioned to Arkane Studios after the cancellation of the second part as initially known.

“At some stage in Prey 2’s development, we had to say, ‘Look, this is not going to get there and we don’t have a good path going forward, so we’re just going to have to call a spade a spade and say this isn’t going to proceed anymore,’” Hines explained.

Thus, the company turned to Arkane Studios (creators of Dishonored) to conduct a new set of Prey from scratch, as they felt they needed to start the project from the beginning: “What they’re (Arkane) working on has nothing to do with the other stuff that has preceded it. They had no involvement in Prey 2 whatsoever. And that game has nothing to do with what they’re making.”

Prey is expected for 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This is a restart of the saga by Bethesda after Prey 2 was canceled in 2014. The title offers an adventure and science fiction in first-person shooter in which we have different powers at our disposal.

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