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Bethesda Looking for A Quest Designer, Probably for The Elders Scroll 6

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ZeniMax Media is currently looking for a Quest Designer for Bethesda Studios Austin, a newborn team born from the ashes of BattleCry Studios and will take care of the company’s biggest franchises.

In the job announcement, no particular games are mentioned, the candidate is asked to have experience in the development of Triple-A Games and in the implementation of quests strongly integrated with the narration.

Of course, the imagination of the fans immediately took off, since such features are essential for an RPG such as The Elder Scrolls 6, highly anticipated new chapter not yet announced.

Difficult to know at the moment, some media has also focused on Starfield, an action RPG set in the space that has been talked about in recent years, but that has never been announced.

Bethesda has set its E3 conference for the upcoming month of June 11th, will this be the right opportunity to find out what exactly Bethesda Studios Austin is preparing? We hope to find out more information at the upcoming E3 2018.

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