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Bethesda Planning To Support Mods for Fallout 76

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When Bethesda Softworks presented its Fallout 76, the Maryland company also announced that it intended to include support for mods. The game was released last November and, now that some time has passed, there is still no trace of this feature.

The launch was undoubtedly more troubled than expected, with the development team that was very busy introducing fixes, balancing aspects of the game – even technical – and, now, introducing new features, such as NPCs. What, then, of the mods? Bethesda Game Studios still intends to make them real, but it is not a simple process.

When asked about this, the director of the development, Chris Mayer, explained that the transition of the engine to a client-server model made things more complicated than one might imagine, from the outside. The process for the introduction of these contents would, in short, be particularly complex (Meyer reports that “you have round trip from the client to the server to get it validated by the server and back to the client for most of our systems”) and the best solution for the introduction of the mods would be the launch of the servers for the players.

It means, in short, that you need a big feature before launching another big feature – which suggests that you will need some more time before everything becomes a reality. Bethesda, however, intends to support its Fallout 76 for a long time and, as explained by Meyer, “we know that modding is an extremely big part of the Bethesda community, it’s something that people love about all of these Bethesda games, like going back as far as Morrowind.”

For this reason, he assures, “it’s on our roadmap. I think once we start doing some cool things with private servers, you’re going to start seeing us then allow players to change more. It’ll be a step-by-step process as we lay it out. It’s something we definitely want to do.”

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.