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Bethesda Hints That RAGE 2 Leak Could Be Real

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As it usually happens before each edition of E3, some rumors and leaks arise that in the end can be proven or denied in the presentations of the companies that attend the event. Today, from the first hour, many players are excited thanks to the leak of a list of games from Walmart Canada in which interesting games are announced and one of them is RAGE 2. Well, this particular case could be real according to the hints of Bethesda.

After the supposed list of Walmart Canada games was leaked, Bethesda was one of the companies questioned about it because one of the titles that appeared there was RAGE 2, a sequel to the FPS developed by id Software and launched in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The response of the company did not come directly, but through the official Twitter account of RAGE, which after many years decided to make a publication on the network and it referred, in a joking tone, to the leak of RAGE 2. In that sense, the account took a screenshot and told Walmart that there were some errors such as the text font, the age classification and the style of the name, which must be in all capital letters.

Moments later, the official account of Bethesda and that of Pete Hines, the vice president of marketing of the company, responded to the publication of the RAGE account, also in a joking tone, but the fans considered that the actions of the official accounts could be taken as an advantage of the alleged leak in a marketing sense, to turn on the hype for a hypothetical second installment of RAGE.

Finally, in a publication from his official account, Pete Hines referred to what happened and said: “This is why we can not have nice things.” The phrase was interpreted as an expression of some annoyance at the leak of what could be RAGE 2.

Do you think RAGE 2 is a reality? Did you play the first title? Tell us in the comments below.