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Bethesda Game Studios is working on a “bleeding-edge AAA freemium game”

According to a recent job listing published on the website of Zenimax Media, the Montreal Studio owned by the Bethesda Softworks would be working on a new project, a free-to-play game which is not yet announced, probably destined for the mobile platforms.

During the day yesterday we told you some rumors that Bethesda would to be working on a whole new IP. If it is confirmed, it would not be the only news that is coming from Bethesda: a job advertisement has in fact revealed that the new Montreal studio is working on a freemium game, probably for mobile platforms.

The company is looking for a Game Performance Manager who will take care of managing the game balance and aspects related to microtransactions and in-app purchases. The ideal candidate has to have at least five years experience in the design of freemium games.

Hard to find out more, at the time, we look forward to any announcements out from the publisher itself, according to the latest rumor Bethesda would be working on a new IP titled Starfield, while there is no mention of mobile projects under development.

Of course, the game could be announced during the E3 2017 of Bethesda during the conference. It could be a new IP or a kind of MMO, perhaps based on the Fallout world. It is just rumor and speculation for now: to find out the truth we will have to wait, as usual, for an official announcement from the developer.

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