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Bethesda explains why it does not talk about Fallout Shelter coming to PS4

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Fallout Shelter debuted initially on mobile devices, however, later it came to Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC. Since then, many wonder if the game will arrive on PlayStation 4, as well Bethesda’s chief marketing officer Pete Hines explained why the company prefers to remain silent about unannounced games or launching them on new platforms.

“In general, we never talk about whether we will or will not do games / platform / etc. If it is not announced, we do not talk about it, either way,” Hines told a fan who repeatedly asked if Fallout Shelter would arrive on PS4.

Hines explained that in Bethesda they prefer to remain silent on these kinds of questions, because responding to them could have a negative effect. “Sorry, but that opens up a can of worms where everyone asks about every single possible project or game because they expect an answer,” he continued.

Recall that this is not the first time that Hines addresses the topic of Fallout Shelter on PS4 in this way. When asked if the mobile title would reach the Sony console, he simply said “Dunno”. He then commented that Bethesda built the game for the application of the Windows Universal Platform, which made it possible for the title to appear on Xbox One.

Fallout Shelter debuted initially in June 2015, then came to PC and was later available on Xbox One and Windows 10. After several updates, the game already features Fallout 4 characters and thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, users can share their progress on console and PC.

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