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Bethesda denies Michael Pachter’s prediction about the new Elder Scrolls releasing in 2017

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Recently GamesIndustry published a series of predictions about 2017, with interviews with analysts of the industry, including the famous Michael Pachter.

One of the comments Pachter claimed that the new Elder Scrolls would be launched next year, while Half Life 3 would not . “The next Elder Scrolls installment comes out, the next Half Life installment does not. I think Bethesda is close, and think that Valve is not. However, I’d like to be half wrong on this one,” said Pachter in the interview.

A prediction little credible, because Bethesda has reiterated on several occasions that they still have a few years to talk about the game and it will not be coming soon. In fact, Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda, responded directly to Pachter on Twitter: “Sorry Michael Pachter but you totally punted this one. You should listen to me and Todd Howard (director and producer in the studio) more often. :-).”

Pachter has taken this remark and humorously responded to Hines stating that “Am pretty sure Pete and Todd are talking dog years . . . Whenever the next Bethesda game comes, I’m buying it.”