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Bethesda Claims That The Absence of Cross-Play in Fallout 76 Is Due To Sony

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Over the last year, one of the main topics of the industry has fallen on Sony and its reluctance to accept cross-play. Despite the complete willingness of Microsoft and Nintendo to achieve a more cohesive community, whose relationship, they have even celebrated with a Minecraft video, the owner of PlayStation continues to be suspicious about the cross-play game, and this has been reproduced with Fallout 76.

This has been determined by Todd Howard, director of the game, in an interview to GameStar. Particularly, the well-known Bethesda personality commented that “Sony isn’t being as helpful as we want them to be.” Then, he insisted that the developer wanted to introduce the cross-play in the next installment of the famous franchise because it is a big trend in the video game industry, but it seems that, still, we will have to wait for it to become true.

And, it should be noted, the case of Fallout 76 is not isolated because, in addition to the aforementioned title of Mojang, a host of players from various works have been left without the possibility of enjoying them with people from other devices. However, the recent comments of Shawn Layden regarding the feasibility of the cross-play game occurring in Fortnite are a hope for the whole community, news that can be read in the link previously introduced.

The new game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Bethesda is based primarily on the online and the implementation of cross-play effectively guarantees the title to a large community of users who could play together regardless of the platform to which they belong.

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