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Best sounding bluetooth speaker – 5 speaker review

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  is the spark, the spice of life. As that phrase by Nietzsche said, “life without music would be a mistake. Do you need to apprehend which are the  best sounding Bluetooth speaker with good Bluetooth connectivity of the year 2020? Do you know which is the best speaker brand? Or the best for the quality-price? Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker? To this end, we have selected for you in this comparison the five best Bluetooth speakers, doing an in-depth analysis of the value for money, design, sound, autonomy, and connectivity. If you are a music lover, then it will help to find out the best music box for you. Then let’s get started.


Getting started with the  best sounding Bluetooth speaker 

We are aware that the sensation of listening to music on a classic HiFi system, one of those of a lifetime, is an unbeatable sensation for an audiophile, and qualitatively superior to that of doing it with a Bluetooth speaker. But times change, and the way of enjoying music has changed with them. In the past, the piece was acquired on physical media (cassette, CD, vinyl), and, if we accept the latter, which has been reborn driven by record companies. Which have seen in this resurgence the lifeline of the music industry, the rest have been dying out at the rate that the reproduction of MP3 music content through the internet has increased exponentially.

Here is the top 5 best Bluetooth speaker review. Let’s have a look.

Top 5 best sounding Bluetooth speaker

Dodocool Mini Speaker

This small speaker can be taken in your opening, you can do it anywhere you want, and it only takes 10 euros.

It has more than 500+ excellent numbers of ratings on the Amazon because of its tiny dimension and its mass, only 37 grams. It sounds is very cool. However, it is more suitable for listening to the radio or podcasts instead of music. And you can use it as a loudspeaker for your mobile calls. It has a power of 4w, and the 320 mAh battery lasts 2 hours, recharging through micro USB. The range of Bluetooth is 10 meters. You can also do it as exclusive control of the portable camera.


MIFA Soundbox

Are you watching for a small speaker that is also a member? This MIFA SoundBox performs lyrics through a memory card.

Its tiny size, it dazzles with the strength of its two drivers, which together sum up to 29 W. The reviews say that it has a very balanced sound, both in the bass and in the treble.

It connects via Bluetooth with a range of 20 meters, or 3.5 mm jack plug.

Its 4,000 mAh battery lasts 12 hours with the volume at 70% and recharges in 3 and a half hours. It has physical buttons for volume, pause, or song change, and can be paired with other speakers to create surround sound.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

 The all-terrain speaker that you can submerge in the pool, bury it in the snow, throw it in the mud or carry it hanging from the bicycle. With its rugged materials and IPX7 water and dust protection, Ultimate Ears Boom 2 stands up to anything you throw at it. It produces a decent 360-degree sound, standing out in the bass, although like most speakers in this price range, the sound distorts a bit at maximum volume. Bluetooth has a range of 30 meters, according to the manufacturer, although it seems a bit optimistic to us. Several speakers paired to play the same music at the same time, and the firmware updated through a mobile app. From time to time, they add new functions, such as alarms, equalization, and others.

At the top, it has physical buttons to pause the song or go to the next one.

Sony SRS-XB12 – best sounding bluetooth speaker

Here we have a top brand wireless speaker to take with you anywhere. Thanks to its built-in strap, you don’t even need a bag or pockets.

Therefore This  Sony SRS-XB12  (eye,  confused with the previous model that calls the same but has a 2 in the name), is a mini speaker resistant to dust and water with IP67 protection. It has a mono speaker and a passive radiator that enhances the bass. Therefor eThe sound comes out the top. Although Sony does not provide technical data, the power is around ten or 12W, which is very good for this size.

JBL Flip 5

JBL is one of the most prestigious audio brands, and it shows in the sound quality of this JBL Flip 5, with excellent separation of tones, and excellent bass. It is a speaker for outdoor use, resistant to water and dust with IPX7 protection, and it also floats.

Therefore I hope you will get the best sounding bluetooth speaker. If you have any more asks let us know.