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Best new sports game releases for 2023

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If you love playing sports video games you have loads to look forward to next year, with a vast array of new titles on track to be released in 2023.

Soccer and motorsports games feature heavily, while fans of numerous other popular sports are extremely well catered for.

Read on as we look at some of the best new sports game releases for 2023, starting with a title that has been eagerly anticipated by the gaming community.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport was first announced in 2020, sparking plenty of excitement amongst fans of the long-running series.

The game had been developed to be compatible with the latest consoles, which means it should provide players with a fantastic gameplay experience.

Forza Motorsport will fully utilise ray-tracing and new dynamic time features, helping it to put Gran Turismo 7 firmly in the shade.

EA Sports PGA Tour

Golf games have dipped in popularity in recent years, but things may well change when EA Sports PGA Tour is released in 2023.

Having failed to release a golf game since 2015, EA Sports are expected to pull out all the stops to make their new title stand out from the crowd.

EA Sports PGA Tour will feature all four major championships, while a comprehensive career mode should keep players engaged for a considerable amount of time.

WRC 2023

The news that Codemasters are taking over development of the official World Rally Championship (WRC) game from 2023 sparked massive excitement amongst petrol heads.

Previously responsible for classic titles such as Colin McRae Rally and Dirt, the Codemasters team have now been tasked with taking the WRC series forward.

WRC 2023 will let you build your own rally car from the ground up, giving you the opportunity to pit your wits against the best manufacturers in the business.

EA Sports College Football

Having enjoyed massive global success with their NFL Madden series, EA Sports will resurrect their college football video game in 2023.

EA Sports College Football is expected to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, meaning the gameplay experience should be mind-blowing.

The game will run on the Madden engine and has been tipped to include a 12-team College Football Play-off feature to truly represent the sport.


An officially licensed IndyCar game will be released in 2023, providing an exciting alternative to players who have become bored with Formula 1 games.

Developed by Motorsport Games, the new IndyCar franchise will be available to play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

An associated eSports series will also be launched, further increasing the global profile of a competition that has often been overshadowed by F1.

EA Sports FC

EA Sports’ decision to sever ties with FIFA sent shockwaves around the gaming industry, but it is likely to pay massive dividends over the coming years.

Their iconic soccer game will be rebranded as EA Sports FC and will continue to be the industry leader when it comes to the world’s most popular sport.

The Champions League and Premier League will be included in a game that is expected to feature over 700 different teams.

F1 Manager 2023

The first edition of the Formula 1 Manager series received widespread acclaim and players are already clamouring for the 2023 to be released.

It is likely to be the middle of the year before F1 Manager 2023 sees light of day, but it is expected to be a big leap forward on the first release.

Online modes and the ability to create your own team are amongst the new features likely to be added to a game that could be one of the biggest hits of the year.

Football Manager 2024

It would be fair to say that Sports Interactive have cornered the market with their superb football (soccer) management simulation over the past 20 years, building what is arguably the best football game on the market.

The annual launch of the Football Manager game is always eagerly anticipated and the next release is guaranteed to fly off the shelves. 

Football Manager 2024 has been tipped to feature more licensed competitions and leagues, while women’s football could also be included for the first time.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3

The new Isle of Man TT game Ride on the Edge 3 will be a major leap forward for motorcycle racing games if the trailers are anything to go by.

The game is being developed by RaceWard Studio, the same firm responsible for the critically acclaimed RiMS Racing motorcycle game series.

Ride on the Edge 3 includes all the official content of the latest TT including the riders, bikes, teams and course for a true-to-life gameplay experience.