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Best Netflix Series To Watch High

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Our days in quarantine consist of eating, sleeping, and maybe working from home. But above all, the biggest pastime is watching Netflix. It’s been around a month since lockdown measures were taken, and you’re probably starting to wonder when you’re going to run out of shows to binge for however long quarantine continues. Low and behold, here’s a list of the best shows to watch high on Netflix to keep yourself occupied. Pro tip: get the smoke supplies prepared and stay lit throughout, you’re in for a wild ride!


Tiger King

If you haven’t already watched one of the most notorious quarantine docu series debuts, you MUST watch Tiger King. This docu series takes a look into the world of big cat breeding and the unbelievable characters that play a role in a number of wild and bizarre situations. In the series, Joe Exotic is the self-proclaimed Tiger King. The most eccentric of them all, Joe juggles his life with two husbands and an ongoing feud with Carole Baskin, a big cat enthusiast whom he  accused of murdering her wealthy husband. Drama mama. You cannot make this stuff up, it’s truly addicting to watch from start to finish and pretty much essential that you’re high.

Night on Earth

You are in for a treat if breathtaking visual graphics are your thing. With exceptional cinematography and nighttime camera quality, this docu series explores the nocturnal world in a way that will blow your mind. Enjoy the rush of seeing beautiful and exotic species in their natural habitat while you toke up in your own sanctuary on your couch. There is quite nothing like vivid animal videography to really amplify your high.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo 

We all aspire to have a  more organized clutter-free life, but somewhere along the way that motivation gets slimmer. Luckily for us, we have all the time in the world right now to Marie Kondo our lives. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is an absolute must-see and will change your life when it comes to organization and prioritizing the physical items you own. This is the perfect docuseries to wake and bake with your favorite bong, and then Marie Kondo your entire living space. You’ll feel productive AF and when you’re finished we highly suggest a celebratory joint!


New Girl

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll definitely love New Girl. Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a middle-school teacher from Portland who moves to Los Angeles. When she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, she moves into an apartment with three men. With Jake Johnson as a nutty bartender, Max Greenfield as the highly confident businessman, and Lamorne Morris as a former professional athlete that is trying to find his calling in life, it’s hard not to become invested in the characters. Chaos ensues (in the funniest way imaginable) and although you can enjoy this sober, a high state of mind will give you a case of the giggles for 10 minutes straight. Enjoy all seven seasons available on Netflix!

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Chewing Gum

A popular British comedy about Tracey (Michaela Coel), raised in a strict religious household and a 24-year-old virgin, spends most of her time figuring out how to have sex. The series navigates her extremely awkward encounters that will make you take a puff of your joint and light one up for Tracey because the girl needs it. What makes this show extra great is that this is a semi-autobiographical series about Coel’s own life and will probably be easy to relate to.. She makes sex so funny and takes the seriousness out of it, highlighting how ridiculous sexual encounters can be.

Parks and Recreation

An OG that can be watched over and over again. Parks and Recreation is the ultimate go-to if you’re looking for one of the best funny shows to watch high especially with many star actors like Amy Poehler as Lesli Knope, Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, and Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins. This show is a political satire sitcom that will have you rolling on the ground laughing for all seven seasons. Famous quotes like “treat yo self” or basically all of April Ludgate’s quotes are totally relatable and Instagram caption worthy. 

Spanish Shows

Money Heist (La casa de papel)

Even if you are not a bilingual stoner, anyone will enjoy the rush of Money Heist, also known as La casa de papel. Based in Spain, the series covers two long and well-prepared heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. A team of expert criminals is led by Alvaro Morte, aka the Professor, where the storyline spins out of control. The show does an amazing job of incorporating strong emotional characters and you can’t help but have a few favorites. You can watch the four-part series with an English voice-over, or if you’re feeling in the zone after a nice bong hit, try the original in Spanish with English subtitles!

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Locked Up (Vis a Vis)

Orange Is The New Black has nothing on the Spanish version, Locked Up. The show starts out with Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos) who is being admitted to prison when she falls in love with her manipulative boss and ends up being framed for crimes he set her up for. Cruz del Sur is a prison full of strong, independent female characters that will not hesitate to take a life if it means saving their own. Macarena stirs up a ton of drama by just being herself and juggles her beautiful inmate girlfriend and handsome prison guard boyfriend while gaining an enemy out of Zulema, an absolute force to be reckoned with. Throughout the series, Zulema and the girls attempt to escape. The dynamics of a Spanish prison are absolutely fascinating to watch in this show and you’ll be hooked instantly. You’ll also notice a few familiar faces from Money Heist, so we absolutely suggest you toke up and watch both!


Categorized as a thrilling teen drama, this is anything but any ordinary teenage series. Las Encinas is an elite high school and the show navigates the troublesome intertwined relationships between the working-class students and the wealthy classmates. When a wealthy girl dies from a head injury, you’ll see that murder isn’t the only secret that’s being kept in this school. This show covers it all, from same-sex relationships, threesomes, pregnancy and abortion, drugs, extortion, you name it. Popping an edible and kicking back to this show will have you waking up needing to pick up back where you left off. We also suggest you keep your Shazam app open, there’s some great songs in this series playlist so pay attention!

Other Recommended Series

We’ve also included some bonus picks including comedies, satires and trippy shows to watch high when the mood hits.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Office

100 Humans

Nailed It!

Sugar Rush

Black Mirror

Stranger Things


Family Guy

Rick and Morty



Now that you’ve got an all-star lineup of the best shows to watch stoned, it’s your time to shine! Light up that bong, get the movie snacks ready and put your phone on do not disturb because you’re about to elevate into another headspace. If we missed any of your top picks, what is your favorite Netflix show to watch stoned?