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Best drama movies of all time – which you should watch

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We all have our favourite movies, those that we love to review over and over again and that is part of our lives in one way or another. Making a list of the best films in the history of the Seventh Art is an almost suicidal undertaking because there will always be a missing or extra title. Depending on our tastes and weaknesses.  You will know from here the best drama movies of all time .


We have dared to select 70 titles that we believe should be, yes or yes, in any list of this type, either for their purely artistic values ​​or for their influence or impact on the history of cinema. Hopefully, you agree with us and enjoy this review.!


 In this article, we will get to know the best drama movies of all time. If you are a film fan, then see these details. Let the curtain open.



Which are the best drama movies of all time?


Therefore  Drama is more subtle and is often intermingled with other film categories. So much so that the combination of laughter and tears has given rise to a new type of film and television: the dramedy. The drama does not prevent laughter; on the contrary, it takes advantage of it so that the viewer empathizes with the characters in the film. Therefore  Who can forget Guido, that father turned into a clown to protect his son from the horrors of the concentration camps?





Here is a perfect list that you should watch.



Therefore  A film ahead of its time and that only years after its premiere was claimed as the masterpiece that it is. Its power of fascination continues to unsettle viewers and filmmakers (tell De Palma) and its perfect balance between ethics. Aesthetics is perfect for telling this surreal story that masterfully mixes mystery with romanticism. Most likely, the perfect Hitchcock play.


Citizen Kane

Always at the top of this type of list, Citizen Kane, without being the best film of its director, it is undeniable that it has emerged as one of the most important and influential works in the history of the Seventh Art. Directed, co-written, starring, and co-produced by Welles, it was an unusual case of total creative freedom. Xanadu. Rosebud. A labyrinth without exit and a revolution in cinematographic aesthetics.


The battleship Potemkin

Therefore one of the essential films in the development of narrative in cinema, as well as editing and editing. In the famous scene on the Odessa staircase. There are more than 170 shots linked by a montage that manage to provoke sensations. This goes beyond the succession of all those shots. Reaching a visual power that would mark countless later directors. It retains its narrative nerve and its potential to thrill the viewer. Even today and is thought by some to be the best movie ever.


Cinema Paradiso

Therefore What was there before the proliferation of television? Cinema Paradiso is a nostalgic story that recalls those days when the cinema was a meeting place. Salvatore is a boy who lives in a small Italian town and discovers his passion for cinema. Thanks to Alfredo, a designer. Therefore  The young man helps Alfredo in his work when he goes blind and at the same time. Discovers the ins and outs behind each film. Cinema Paradiso is a film that awakens melancholy about childhood. But also about a time when cinema was magical, the only remedy capable of disguising reality, for a moment.


L’Atalante – best drama movies of all time

Therefore With an illustrative and lyrical language and a bold desire for the time, Vigo’s film does a complete balance between drama and comedy, truth and fantasy. At the very time that it is a sharp condemnation of difficulties. Such as stopping, ignorance and bias Social. Full of magic and vitality, of symbolism and details, L’Atalante sums up all the characteristics of Vigo’s style, whose visual and narrative lyricism made it the inspiration for the French cinematographic avant-garde movements of the 50s and 60s. Therefore Poetic realism and naturalistic together with an anarchic discourse. Make this film an immense and profound experience that was misunderstood at the time of its premiere.


North by Northwest – best drama movies of all time

Therefore Known in Spain as With Death on His Heels and in Latin America as Intriga Internacional, this marvellous film from the American stage by maestro Hitchcock laid the foundation for many modern action blockbusters. Therefore One of the most perfect and refined films of its author. A perfect symphony of appearances full of memorable scenes and, above all, an exciting adventure film.


Therefore I hope you will get the perfect list with a effective description for the best drama movies of all time in 2020.