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Best Channels to Enjoy Your Favorite Movies

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Cable TV is a great source of entertainment. With our busy lives, it is difficult to take time out for entertainment. Therefore, streaming services and movie channels to enjoy on Cable TV offer a great way to take some time off from our schedule. The exponential growth of cable companies has made everything possible and watching your favorite movies on the go is easier than it used to be in the past. 

There are endless movie channels available on cable. Some of them are categorized under premium channels with high-end cable plans. These premium channels are different from the rest. They provide you non-stop entertainment without any ads or commercial breaks. Cox cable TV is a good example. They have HBO, Cinemax, and Starz included with their premium plans at an affordable cost. 

Bear in mind that these premium channels to enjoy comes with an additional cost. Cable companies tend to compensate for their loss of revenue through ads by charging some extra bucks for these channels. However, we think it is worth the extra money. 

In this article, we have compiled some of the best movie channels to enjoy are available on cable. In no particular order, let’s begin: 


HBO stands for “Home Box Office” and is easily one of the best channels to have on cable TV. HBO is known for its all-time great TV shows and a solid selection of movies. It has stood true to its name by bringing the box office into our homes directly. The channel airs excellent movies, some summer blockbusters, and obscure documentaries. The network is popular for its original series, “Games of Thrones,” that took the world by storm. You can tune into HBO at any time and you might come across your favorite film. They have an endless variety of films and titles, which keep on rotating. 


Starz is another premium channel that offers a huge library of movies and TV shows. You will find all the popular classics and new releases. Starz has a huge network and includes two sister channels namely: MoviePlex and Starz Encore. You can get movies belonging to all genres. There are great series too from the action, crime, comedy, sci-fi, and thriller genres. 

Starz is a great channel to have especially when you have kids at home. There is a vast library of kids content and you will find titles like Toy Story, Ice Age, Wreck-it Ralph, and Garfield


Showtime is another on-demand movie channel offered by cable companies. It has a remarkable set of programming that includes a vast variety of movies, original shows, and direct access to live streams from its very own broadcast channels. 

Although Showtime has a great movie line-up when it comes to quality, it lacks in terms of quantity when compared with other channels. Nevertheless, the channel has many movies from Oscar’s Best Picture winner lineup. You can find some amazing titles from the romance genre such as The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, and Platoon by Oliver Stone.


Cinemax is another premium channel available on cable and satellite networks. It broadcasts all the popular films as its main output. Moreover, you get some original shows, special features, and documentaries on top. The action series, feature films, and other programming can be streamed in both high and standard definition. Cinemax is a valuable addition for the people looking to expand their movie library options. 

Cinemax was launched as a sister channel initially to HBO. The focus was just on broadcasting movies. The channel is still movie-focused today and is slowly coming up with original programming. 

The Movie Channel 

TMC or The Movie Channel is a free add-on with a Showtime subscription. It is owned by Showtime and features all the popular Hollywood movies. The channel has plenty of adult content with special late-night shows. As per its website, The Movie channel is your one-stop solution for the best action, horror, comedy, and drama movies. Just like all the other premium channels, there are no commercials. 


The last channel on our list is EPIX. Being the youngest premium channel in this category, it still offers many movies and original content. EPIX is owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and the subscription gives you access to all the latest releases, classic and original films from the studio. The lineup is quite extensive. Along with the top-rated movies, you get special series, compelling documentaries, comedy specials, and a lot more. Therefore, making it an ideal choice for movie-lovers. There are thousands of movies belonging to all categories such as action, drama, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy on EPIX. 

Final Verdict 

Get in your comfy PJs, grab some popcorn, and binge-watch your favorite movies on these channels to enjoy with your friends and family!