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Best car in gta 5 – knowing fast before play

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You will not be able to become the master and owner of the city if you do not have a good vehicle to complete your missions. We review which are the best car in gta 5 and how you can get them.

GTA V is one of Rockstar’s greatest hits available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and although it is already a few years old. It was released in 2013, and it is still one of the most played and loved games by the public. This sandbox hooks us with its shooter scenes, its races in all kinds of vehicles, and its impressive open world. From this context you will able to know about the cars in GTA-5. Let’s start!


Getting know: what are the best car in gta 5 ?


You are becoming a huge fan of GTA, the popular video game series from Rockstar Games, and you are immensely enjoying the latest chapter of the saga. You already know a lot about this title, but some details escape you. In particular, you would like to find out which are the best GTA cars and how they are obtaining. Well, that’s no problem. If you want, I can tell you everything there is to know about the subject.



In fact, in today’s tutorial, I’m going to analyze what, in my view, are the best GTA vehicles in general. The best sports cars and the best vehicles to modify. In case you were admiring, I will also detail the stats of individual cars and explain how they can be attaining within the Rockstar Games title. In short, you will indeed find bread for your teeth in this guide.

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#1 Dewbauchee Vagner – top car in GTA 5


Introduced in 2017 with the update called ” Gunrunning “. The Dewbauchee Vagner is one of the most popular machines for GTA fans. Because of its resemblance to the Aston Martin Valkyrie. A real car that many believe would have inspired the design of Vagner.


This vehicle is also among the fastest, if not the fastest, of the entire game. It can exceed 200km / h. The Dewbauchee Vagner also has excellent acceleration and good handling. But it lacks a bit under braking. There are two seats. In any case, according to many, it is “the car to beat” in GTA.


This car can be purchased through the Legendary Motorsport dealer in the game. The price is set at $ 1,535,000, and the car is placing in your garage as a personal vehicle.


If you do not know how to access the retailer mentioned above, all you have to do is open your character’s mobile phone (by pressing, for example, the arrow above on PS4), select the Internet item, press on the word TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT present at the top right and press on the Legendary Motorsport box.


#2 Annis RE-7B – best private car 


Released in 2016 with the ‘Mind-boggling Stunt’ update, the Annis RE-7B is a two-door sports car that many say is inspired by the Nissan R390 GT1. It is a very good car in the eye and makes you look good with your friends.


The Annis RE-7B doesn’t mess around in terms of speed, as it can go almost up to 200km / h. The car gives its best in acceleration and maneuverability, while you may encounter some “problems” in braking. There are two seats.


The car can be purchased from Legendary Motorspor t for the “modest” figure of $ 2,475,000. The Annis RE-7B can be used as a personal vehicle and therefore kept inside your character’s garage.

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#3 Ocelot XA-21 


The Ocelot XA-21 doesn’t need too many introductions. Introduced in 2017 with the ‘Gunrunning’ update. This car emerges to be motivated by the Jaguar C-X75. It is wildly popular with players for its good overall stats.


It is not the fastest GTA (it can go up to about 197 km / h ). But it has excellent acceleration and good handling. There are two seats. Braking is not the best, but overall the Ocelot XA-21 is a good car. It can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $ 2,375,000 and can be “exploited” as a personal car by placing it inside your garage.


#4 Pegassi Tempesta


Another car you absolutely must know is the Pegassi Tempesta. Added to the game in 2016 through the “Import / Export” update. This car is highly appreciated mainly due to its resemblance to the Lamborghini Huracàn, and it’s not too high price compared to other vehicles.


The Pegassi Tempesta can reach 195 km / h and has excellent acceleration. Also, good maneuverability, while the braking is not the best (although you may have guessed, this is a “problem” of all the Super Car). There are two seats.


#5 Pegassi Zentorno – user friendly car


The Pegassi Zentorno is one of the most “dated” cars in the game. This car was introducing with the 2014 “Bella Vita” update. It has been one of the most popular cars for a long time, and according to many, it is inspiring by the Lamborghini Sesto Element. It is one of the best car in gta 5.


In terms of statistics, the Zentorno can reach about 196 km / h and has excellent acceleration. The handling is not bad, but clearly, the braking is the weak point of the car. There are two seats. In any case, it a very pleasing vehicle and appreciated above all for its price.