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Best camera app for selfie

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When selfies began to transform into a mode through online media, there were hardly any ideas that made it ingrained. Taking selfies or taking selfie photos has become a habit. All training must be continued. Every day, no matter when and where several people take selfies. The design uses the front camera of a smartphone to take a picture of yourself. They also like to transfer them to informal communities. It is a model that is followed by renowned artists, entertainers, parliamentarians. Also, many individuals all over the world. In this article, I will identify the best camera app for selfies to take great selfie photos on your Android device.


Best camera app for selfie

Try to take cute selfie photos with the included camera app. It chooses the best camera app for selfies taken alone or with others. To encourage yourself to show off your images. Likewise, you can easily take advantage. This of these best selfie camera apps on your phone.

YouCam Perfect

Youcam perfect is the best selfie camera app for selfies to take beautiful photos. You can take shocking selfies and photos despite the enticing feature of taking stunning selfies. This application provides the tools you need to change your pictures. It has improved effects. Face reformer, object remover. Styling and the ability to enhance all facial highlights. So, it has been extensively promoted.

Its most attractive option is the natural environment, which will help you take beautiful photos with just one click. Likewise, it has six different categories to take great ordinary images. Similarly, you can use its technology to correct photos and make changes to them. For example, you can reduce wrinkles, eliminate obscure spaces on the face, and lack fit. Again, the application points to redo shapes. With this application, you can make your eyes more prominent, and you can make your face slimmer.


CreamCam is an application that focuses on taking the best selfies. It can correct photos and eliminate facial blemishes such as broken skin, clogged pores, wrinkles, or unreasonable brilliance. Naturally, this does not require manual correction. You need to perform basic operations, and the final details will follow. It is hardly useful, fast and can perform magic processing on your photos. Compared with other selfie camera apps for Android, it is extraordinary.


It is highly recommended that you use Perfect365 to take unique selfies. More specifically, it is an application for applying makeup to photos used by ladies who like makeup after taking the picture. You can fix any blemishes by applying virtual cosmetic effects. Using a cosmetic palette is very simple. It can also remove stains, brighten teeth. And finally, get makeup and reshape your face like a flash. The changes to the photo are divided by face areas. Such as the mouth, eyes, and nose.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is another selfie camera with extraordinary highlights. And a high rating on Google Play. This will allow you to gradually take selfies and apply effects with this access to more than 100 channels.

It is one of the most respected selfie apps in the Play Store. It is known for its many features. Take photos and apply the effects you need continuously—this form in which up to 100 channels can be picked up. The resulting photo changes are clearly visible. It has mandatory correctors. Beautification effect, beauty effect. Evacuation of blemishes and long-term use.

It has a variety of photo modification functions. Including beautification effects. Evacuation of blemishes or deformities and cosmetic procedures.

Airbrush: best camera app for selfie

Nothing is more satisfying than this application. You need to take a photo and select the focus that needs to be addressed. Maybe you need to eliminate a little broken skin? Let me say again, is your skin not tanned? Do you need to shine in your eyes? Or do you want to brighten your teeth?

Obviously, everything needs to be modified at this time. You can even change the highlights to make them more massive or more modest. Also, you can choose to let the app take care of you completely! This seems unimaginable. Indeed, there is more.

Have you neglected cosmetics at home? You can also get it through the spray gun! Apply anything you want: lipstick, eye shadow, bone. Try not to thank me! You have Android and iPhone versions.

Well, we like spray guns. But hasn’t gone yet. Choose all the different options you want. And discover which one is yours. Maybe you are looking for unique and exciting selfies?

Frontback: best camera app for selfie

Update 2020: As it is rarely used in many countries where the application has been distributed. Its designer eliminated the application. Therefore, Frontback is currently not accessible on both iOS and Android.

Frontback provides us with other features that are different from the other alternative products we describe. It allows you to take one photo with the rear camera. Another shot with the front camera. And merge them into one image, following these lines of thought. You can determine the settings for the selfie. And see exactly what you saw at the time. Similarly, you can add captions. Pay attention to your peers. It merges hashtags. Also, it effectively shares informally organized pictures.