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Best animated movies in 2020: That will remind about your childhood.

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Although the years go by and we think that animated films are not made for us, we cannot help but gawk at the screen every time we see one. In this, I’ll describe best-animated movies in 2020.

Many animated films, such as Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast or Shrek, transport us back to the past and remind us of our tender childhood, while others, such as Gru, Rompe Ralph, or Frozen have made us enjoy as adults and realize all the claims they hide. For many years that pass, whether we like it or not, the Disney and DreamWorks universe has marked our lives in many more ways than we can imagine, from film culture to how we relate to and see the world. Precisely, for the role that animated films have played and continue to play, we review the best ones. If you are finding the best animated movies in 2020, then you are in the right place.



Getting know: The best animated movies in 2020 of all time

best animated movies in 2020

Every year new animated films come to theaters that bring out the child inside us. And it is that the big screen has given us great moments, from classic cartoons to new technologies such as motion animation that allowed the arrival of Toy Story.


Who has not sung with Bella, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King? Who has not wanted their toys to come to life or have a friend as absent-minded as Dory? Surely you remember having spent whole afternoons watching these animated films; some of them may have even been seen more than once in a row and you even know by heart the dialogues of the characters. 


The protagonists of animated films


As we have been anticipating you, we offer you from animation classics with which we have all grown to the latest animated films that have lately swept the box office. Of course, they are animated films with stories that, in the same way, that they make us laugh, they also make us tear one another and reach our most tender part, since most of their characters manage to touch our hearts and become, practically, in friends. Or do you have to remember when Bambi’s mother dies .or Simba’s father, Mufasa when the great stampede passes over him? The thing stays with him, although he doesn’t get up anymore. Oh, I have to stop, something has gotten into my eye!


Best animated movies imdb – best animated movies in 2020


1. Coco

In 2017, the animated film Coco, a Pixar production, distributed by the Walt Disney Pictures company, came to the cinema, which received the Oscar for a best-animated film that same year. The film tells the story of a Mexican family on the Day of the Dead. Its main character, Miguel, wants to dedicate himself to music. Still, in his family, they deeply despise this art because it was the reason for his great-grandfather’s abandonment to his great-great-grandmother Imelda. 

2. Inside Out

Along the same lines is the film Del Revés (Inside Out), released in 2015. Although it is a perfect feature film for children to understand. The importance of all emotions and their role in our lives, adults will also enjoy. They will be able to extract a tremendous moral after seeing it. All the feelings that Riley Anderson, the protagonist of the film, addresses when she has to move with her parents to live in San Francisco. It will serve to make you aware that although we would like always to be happy, emotions. Such as sadness or fear, they are also essential.


Final word on the best animated movies in 2020


Everyone loved cartoons or animated movies when he or she was a child. Sometimes we are feeling nostalgic and going back to childhood. Then we are searching for the best animated movies in 2020. I hope you will enjoy this article. If you have any questions, you may know us via email.