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Best 5 Tips for Reeling Big Fish

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esAre you a beginner angler seeking to catch big fish? There are different types of fish, and it’s best to prepare for your catch. The first step to reeling big fish lies in choosing the right reel. Some are best for freshwater fishing others are deal for salty water. Also, some reels are best suited for small fish, while big game reels will give you the much-desired success in the water.

Check out tips for reeling big fish? 


1. Use the right reel

There are different fishing reels, and not all will catch big fish. The best way to reel sharks, tuna, trout, and other big fish is through purchasing a big game reel. These are designed to endure the strain exerted by the giant fishes in the waters.

Big game fishing reels come in different brands and designs. You’ll get spinning, baitcasting, or electric reels are all match different angler needs. To learn of the leading brands, visit and sample other fishing accessories like rods, lures, hooks, fish bags, and more.

2. Set your drag properly

These are different types of drags; these are the lever and star drags. For big game fishing, lever drags works best. The lever is smoother and easy to control than the star drag. The drag effect is directly proportional to the spool’s diameter, so turn the knob clockwise to advance the drag setting accordingly. Moreover, have a flexible rod that can bend under the rated line.

3. A tighter line works best!

The line matters a lot when it comes to fishing. A tight line offers a firm tension, making it easy to reel bigger fish. If there’s slack, the fishes will throw the hook, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts. Therefore, maintain gate levels of pressure on the line. Maintain a smooth and consistent motion between the tip and the reeling. Be careful not to create too much tension, though. This can snap the line and ruin your efforts.

4. Allow the fish to run!

Large fishes will always run, and it’s best not to constrain them. If you keep on fighting their runs, you raise the chances of breaking your line. To avoid this, set the drag to allow the fish to take the line while running. They will eventually wear down, which results in shorter and less violent runs. 

5. Reel up& Reel on the on motion

If you j keep or reeling, don’t expect big fishes to land quickly. The trick lies in how you play around with the rod. Lift the tip of the rod smoothly and in a firm motion, which will pull the fish closer. After dropping the rod tip down, reel in the line and be slow. 

Also, after reeling big fishes, release as quickly as possible. If you fight the fish for long, it becomes exhausted and vulnerable, making it unable to survive out of the water.

Final thoughts

With the many big game fishing reels available, it’s now easy to reel big fish. Acquire high-quality fishing reels and enjoy catching bigger fish in your fishing expeditions. Also, acquire the right apparel to ensure safety while fishing.