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Berserk creator is involved in a new project of FromSoftware?

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According to a rumor that has been circulating in these hours on the web, Kentaro Miura (creator of Berserk) would be currently involved in the new project of FromSoftware and would be working closely with Hidetaka Miyazaki for the development of a new IP.

The rumor is to be left open-mouthed and full of hope. Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director of the Japanese company of FromSoftware, would be working with Kentaro Miura according to the rumor in question, a Japanese cartoonist best known for Berserk. The possible collaboration on the news was “discovered” by a fan of Berserk, who went to visit the FromSoftware studios and has shown its “adventure” in his blog.

The rumor was born from Gonzzink blog, the author of the site who went to make a trip to Japan and visited the headquarters of FromSoftware, on this occasion he received confirmation of the collaboration between Miura and Miyazaki, that would not, however, be linked to the series of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

In short, given that the artist is also a fan of Berserk, he was able to meet during his trip with Taniguchi, manga editor and the latter would have talked about that Miura would be working with Miyazaki on one game.

Could it be a title dedicated to Berserk? Or a completely new IP? The news, of course, must be taken with care, when in fact, those parties have not confirmed the rumor.

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