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Below for Xbox One X Will Support Native 4K/60fps Resolution

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Although it was a while gone, Below is back and it seems that this year the game will finally debut on Xbox One and PC. Capybara Games, the team behind this project, continues to keep some secrets, but this time confirmed that the game will have visual improvements on Xbox One X.

In an interview with Xbox Wire, Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Capybara Games, mentioned that Below will have native support of 4K resolution and 60 fps on Xbox One X. That’s not all, since loading times will be reduced.

According to Vella, Below in 4K will provide new details, as there will be visual improvements in the flora of the stages and on the surfaces of the caves. Also, playing on Xbox One X will allow players to see even the smallest details of the characters, weapons and other elements.

Recently, the studio noted that completing Below the first time can take 20 hours. He also commented that at the moment they only think about launching the game digitally, but there are possibilities to see a special edition for those who prefer the physical format. Although the game is planned for Xbox One and PC, Capybara Games showed that there are possibilities to see this roguelike on other platforms.

Below was presented in 2013 and had a tentative release by the end of that year, however, it went through several delays. Earlier this year, the title again stole the attention of players, as Capybara Games announced that Below is ready to get to Xbox One and Steam sometime in 2018, but it still has no precise release date.