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Below game’s release date for PC and Xbox One announced in Teaser Trailer

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Capybara Games has announced the release date of a new game called Below in the GDC 2016, or best rather, has put an approximate date: Summer. Capybara are also the developers of Sword & Sworcery and Super Time Force Ultra, two great game with very different tones which they have placed the study between the top of the Indie scene. Their new game is something different from the previous ones, because it is a roguelike with a very dark and graphics aesthetic very tiny, but certainly it is not going to be the worse game.

Below Game Screenshot

Below has improved the outrageous graphics since the last time it was shown, and that will make everyone happy atleast. Right now, the game imitates a miniature that has pieces in movements. The tilt-shift effect, that surely the fans of the photography know, is responsible for that special aspect, which added to the distance from the camera, making Below recognizable almost instantly by anyone who has seen at least once.

For this a rather complex gameplay must be added. Like in Dark Souls, we’re moving in the darkness, carefully finishing with enemies that can lead to enough damages with a single blow. The special and unique gameplay in Below is that any blow given to us leaves a sequel, either by bleeding or injury that prevents us from moving equally. And we add to this that it is a roguelike, ie, we die and repeat the scenes several times to try different strategies that makes this game quite interesting and can take many hours of gameplay.

Below game will be released this summer on PC and Xbox One, as shown in the new trailer, titled “Death’s Door”: