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Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started With Manga and Anime Games

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Japanese Animation is a massive industry as manga and anime games keep on growing to become more popular. There is a wide variety of anime games like Project QT that gaming enthusiasts love and enjoy playing. Keep reading to find how you can get started with anime games.

If you are new to the realm of anime games or just wish to know more about this industry, here is a complete guide to help you get started with anime games. 


Project QT

Project QT is an exciting sci-fi anime game that can take you on an amazing and erotic ride. It involves a sexy team squad that is employed to swipe-off a deadly virus that has entered their world through a two-dimensional gateway. 

What is Manga?

Manga is a Japanese comic novel with a distinct style of character illustration. Manga is a tremendously popular art medium in Japan, and it includes almost every genre imaginable. Their popularity in the West has risen steadily in recent decades. Manga is not to be confused with anime, which refers to Japanese animated television episodes and films. However, many anime (Japanese animated television programmes) are based on manga.

What is Anime?

The term “anime” is derived from “animation”

It is used to refer to all kinds of animation media in Japan. Anime, basically, is a Japanese style of movies and television. 

The first-ever anime movie was released in 1917, and it was in the 1990s that the world witnessed an ‘anime boom.’ You can identify anime with characters with those big sparkling eyes and an almost non-existent nose. 

What makes Anime games so popular among the masses

Since its launch, the anime industry has taken over the market with a storm. So much so, that it was a 19.1 billion USD industry in 2017. Here are a few reasons for the popularity of these games:

  • They include nail-biting action sequences. There are fluid, swift, and beautifully animated action controls. Anime games let you have intriguing duels with gigantic robots, monsters, ghosts, or aliens. 
  • There is a stunning variety of anime games for enthusiasts to explore. There are different genres, themes, and stories for gamers to enjoy and connect with. 
  • A majority of anime games are inspired by anime television and movies. They have exciting plots that give you an episodic feel. 
  • Anime games feature incredibly vibrant and dynamic characters. In the world of anime games, you can be anything – a cop, scientist, sailor, murderer, monster, or even an alien.

What are Anime games all about? 

When experiencing the best anime games, you can expect some fantastic graphics, gripping action sequences, emotionally exciting storylines, and vibrant characters. Some elements are common to most of the anime games:

  • There is a central plot line around which the story develops.
  • The character of the protagonist is built during the first few game playthroughs.
  • There are several non-playing characters to help build the story.
  • There are stunning set-ups around which all the graphics are designed.
  • There are several side-quests and puzzles to solve apart from the game. 

Some engaging genres

There is a diversity of genres for anime enthusiasts to explore like in Project QT. Most of them are cliché, but there are also genres unique to anime. Also, a lot of anime genres can include several sub-genres to build the story and make it more versatile for a variety of audiences. 

Here are some most popular genres of anime games:

  • Action

This is the broadest genre among all for anime games. Action anime is a collection of several sub-genres like sci-fi, crime, thriller, or fantasy. 

Generally, in anime action games, the player has to control an avatar and find hidden, rare objects on his way through the game. 

  • Mystery

Mystery anime games plots can be as light-hearted as revealing your friend’s personality for some purpose or as heavy as tracking down and cracking clues for some gruesome murder. 

They involve a lot of puzzles that you have to solve to achieve your aim. Also, there are some fantastic set-ups and themes in mystery anime games like the life in ancient cities and pre-war counties. 

  • Horror

Anime games and manga are rarely not reluctant to get extremely gruesome and scary in horror anime games. Therefore, these games can be disturbing for you sometimes and are not for the faint-hearted. 

You might have to untrap yourself from a haunted building filled with bleeding corpses and hungry ghosts.

  • Romance

A wide variety of anime games are about love, romance, and sex. A basic and prevalent plot involves a female protagonist who has to reveal information about his different male or female friends. 

On her way, she finds a perfect match for herself, and that is where the game ends. Romance anime games can include SMS, emails, chatrooms, or even phone calls.

What do Anime games have in store for you? 

Most of the anime games have some fundamental things in common. These are a few things that make-up an anime game. 

  • Anime games feature vibrant characters that are equipped with unique skills. Sometimes you can choose between different characters while sometimes you can customize the characteristics of your character.
  • A significant reason for the hike of anime games is the building of the game around intriguing plots. Anime games include unique scenarios that are usually inspired by some hit anime tv shows or movies.
  • One can quickly identify anime games from their fantastic graphics and animation. There can be magnificent cities, ultra-modern science labs, space battles, or even dungeons.
  • Apart from the plot, characters, and action fights, anime games involve several puzzle-solving sequences. By solving these puzzles, you can get yourself out of deadly traps, unlock new powers, or just earn some extra points. 
  • Anime games also involve several side-quests that are a great way to unlock new skills or upgrade existing ones. These side-quests are super fun and can keep you engaged for a long time. 

So, this was our ultimate guide to get Started With Anime Games. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and can finally enter the realm of anime games to explore fantastic adventures. You have a wide range of games to begin with Project QT.