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Bayonetta countdown announced by Sega

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The official website of SEGA has revealed a countdown clock in what appears to be important announcement for the franchise of Bayonetta.

Sega has just added to its official website a mysterious countdown that, after taking a good look, seems very interesting: the countdown, in fact, has the air of being linked to the series of Bayonetta, and will end next week, in just over six days.

In the first instance it is difficult to recognize what the SEGA watch refers to, but once you see the image (which we have presented above) the reason is cleared up and we realize that this is something that will have to do with Bayonetta.

Actually for now nothing is known about this announcement of the Japanese video game company. In the April Fools’ Day SEGA released a Bayonetta title recreated in 8 bits, and many have speculated that the countdown is to announce the arrival of a port from this game to PC.

It should be recalled that Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya stated last year that he would love to make a sequel to Bayonetta, and that the franchise had no reason to end up with just 2 installments.

Another possibility is the arrival of Bayonetta 2 to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, because this game was only originally released on Wii U due to an exclusivity agreement with Nintendo. For now there is nothing left but to wait for the 7 days that are missing so that SEGA finally reveals the announcement that it is preparing.