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Battlezone 98 Redux download available on Steam now

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The Rebellion publisher has released a new trailer for the 1998 reissue of Battlezone to announce its launch on PC via Steam download platform. This blend of FPS and RTS game is also intended as a reduction for a few days.

Battlezone 98 Redux Screenshot

The Battlezone license was initiated in 1980 in the arcades before enjoying a remake by Activision signed in 1998. This marked the spirits because of its gameplay midway between the FPS and RTS. The publisher Rebellion decided to honor this episode with a new edition called Battlezone 98 Redux.

The latter, developed by the studio Big Boat Interactive, was due for release in spring 2016. The publisher has just released the title on the download platform of Steam, priced at 19.99 dollars. If proceed to purchase before April 25, a discount of 20% is even proposed, posting a price of 15.99 dollars.

It is true that this Battlezone game retains the look of its original version, but new version will offer a visual system adapted to our times, especially thanks to improvements in lighting, remodeling cars (now have more polygons), a renewed effect of shadows, new buildings, terrain effects, particles, etc.

In addition, the title has achievements on Steam and trading cards interchangeable to our collection, the ability to save games in the cloud and a long list of new options.

Recall that this reissue displays reworked graphics, two single player campaigns (with America and Soviet) two multiplayer modes for up to 8 participants, a map editor and compatibility with mods via the Steam Workshop.

To get an idea of what is Battlezone 98 Redux all about, a trailer was also broadcasted, check that below: