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Battletech Intro Cinematic Released, Launches on PC Next Week April 24

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We are a few days away from the launch of Battletech, an action game, strategy and turn-based battles with a futuristic theme and the use of mechs that is developed by Harebrained Schemes and will be distributed by Paradox Interactive. A few days ago, the story trailer of the game was presented and now we reveal the video with the introduction cinematic.

Today Harebrained and Paradox revealed the introductory cinematics of Battletech, which gives us a brief look at the facts that unfold in the history of the title. In Battletech, humanity has progressed technologically in an accelerated way after a series of scientific discoveries in 2017.

This advance, caused society to leave the Earth and settle on other planets, however, these societies soon became kingdoms and the idea of conquest provoked a warlike conflict in the year 2765.

The nucleus of the story will lead the players to control a company of mercenaries that seek to return to the throne to a former dictator and, to fulfill that objective, they will have at their disposal an army of mechs at its disposal.

Battletech will arrive on April 24th on PC, you can also pre-order it via Steam for a price of $39.99 USD.