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Battlestation: Harbinger Trademark trouble, forced to change name

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Bugbyte has revealed that its game Battlestation: Harbinger must be renamed due to legal problems.

Battlestation: Harbinger Screenshot

In a press release, the company says it has been contacted by lawyers of a larger developer with a message inviting it to desist in their use. The conversation would have been friendly between the studios, and Bugbyte admits it was a mistake to choose Battlestation three years ago for its first game in the series.

“We were so excited to develop the game and were inexperienced with names and trademarks when we started developing the first game, we will do our best to not get this repeated in the future,” said Aksel Junkkila, executive director of Bugbyte.

The developer and game with which the conflict go into has not been revealed on the official website or on comments of Reddit where they have been asked about the issue, but it is known that the problem is in Battlestation: “This name is entirely too close to another series and the mistake is ours, we take full responsibility for this.”Everything points to Battlestations: Midway (2007) and Battlestations: Pacific (2009) by Eidos, a company owned by Square Enix since 2009 – hence the mention of a great developer.

For the moment, they are looking for a new name that describes the game with the help of  their community of its forum, that could include the word “Battle” always, not bringing back Battlestation ever.