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Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Update Download Available Now


December 15 is already getting closer. In just over 48 hours thousands of people, if not millions, will go to theaters to watch the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Electronic Arts already announced days ago that it was going to celebrate this moment in a special way by publishing a new update for Star Wars Battlefront II and from today you can download the update for free.

The Last Jedi update has a size of 10GB and thanks to it users can access a few new content based on episode eight of this saga. To begin with, Finn and Phasma become new heroes, the former being an expert in protecting his companions and causing a very precise damage and the latter is a very feared character who will use all the tools he can to defeat his rivals.

Along with them, two new maps have been added that will offer new challenges: Crait for the Galactic Assault mode and D’Qar for Assault to starfighters. In the first of them, we will visit this planet in which the First Order is attacking a base of the Rebel Alliance while escorting the powerful AT-M6 and the Resistance tries to finish them off with their ships.

On the other hand, on the map of D’Qar players will face an authentic space battle near this planet that is being besieged by the First Order in which it intends to end the base of the Resistance that is there. In addition, it will be possible to pilot a new ship for the heroes, the RZ-2 A-Wing of Tallie Lintra along with an improvement in the T-70 X-Wing of Poe Dameron.

All these novelties are dedicated to the multiplayer mode, but those who enjoyed the campaign for a single player will not stay without their ration of new content. That said, the story of Iden Versio has been extended with the DLC ‘Resurrection’, which will allow us to play three new episodes in which our protagonist seeks answers about some secrets of a conspiracy that is carrying out the First Order.

If you want to read all the patch notes, just click on the following link.