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Battlefield V Will Have Two In-Game Currencies, Microtransactions Confirmed

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Considering the lack of a Season Pass and the subsequent confirmation of the lack of loot box inside the game, many wondered what would be the route taken by EA and DICE for the monetization of Battlefield V.

According to many estimates, this road is linked to two in-game currencies and inevitably (practically every multiplayer AAA offers them) to microtransactions. EA has confirmed to Polygon that the FPS will propose a premium currency that can be purchased with real money that can be used to purchase cosmetic items. At the same time, there will also be a second currency obtainable simply by playing.

So the monetization of the title will pass through the microtransactions exploitable exclusively to obtain elements that have no impact on the gameplay. Anything that is disconnected from the personalization of your avatar can only be achieved by playing, a decision that gives life to a system that is certainly acceptable as it will not be possible to buy some advantages.

It seems that EA and DICE have learned the hard lesson given by the heavy reaction to Star Wars Battlefront II, harshly criticized for the progression system and for the management of loot boxes.

A clarification: as opposed to Star Wars: Battlefront 2, in which the microtransactions involved every aspect of the gameplay, in Battlefield V the sadly famous loot boxes will not be present. This confirms the attempt by EA to regain consumer confidence after the media case that the latest video game transposition of the Star Wars franchise has raised.

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