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Battlefield V Won’t Have A Premium Pass


For years, one of the biggest problems with titles with an online multiplayer component has been that additional content tends to fragment the community. For that to not be a problem with Battlefield V, DICE and Electronic Arts made the decision to eliminate the Premium Pass that was present in past installments of the franchise.

In the revelation event of Battlefield V, the DICE development team revealed that the Premium Pass will not be an element of their new shooter. This means that all players will have simultaneous access to all post-launch content that reaches Battlefield V.

“There will be Premium Pass in this game,” said Ryan McArthur, producer of Battlefield V. “This means you will not have to pay for maps or modes. This is something the fans had asked for and what the team really believes. What we want is a game where people stay together, where they play together and where they make this trip for the Second World War together.”

The game element as a service of Battlefield V will be called Tides of War, a feature that will allow players to enjoy various events, maps, rewards and more. This content will arrive as updates are focused on different points of the Second World War. One of the novelties that fans can expect without cost is Fall of Europe, a chapter that will arrive in November and will take us through the journey of the German invasion of Europe.

It is important to note that, until now, Electronic Arts has not confirmed if Battlefield V will have another monetization model. We will keep an eye on it and inform you when we have more details about it.

Battlefield V will arrive on October 19 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. What do you think of the game design as a service of Battlefield V? Are you excited that you will receive free content?

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