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Battlefield V: DICE Reveals The Mystery About The Origin of the Name

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Many people wondered why DICE has used Roman numerals for the new Battlefield, using the title of the game as Battlefield V instead of Battlefield 5, the Arabic numerals. The studio clarified the question by responding to a message on Twitter.

Since Battlefield V is the new regular episode of the series, many would have expected the use of the Arabic number “5” as the official nomenclature, the choice of the Roman numeral has instead a very precise meaning:

“V represents “V for Victory”. The phrase and sign were popularized by Winston Churchill and used amongst the allies for much of WWII. It’s also why we chose to use the Roman numeral V instead of the number 5 for the title,” can be read on the official Twitter account of Battlefield V.

The Controversy seems similar to that generated by Call of Duty Black Ops 4, whose official stylization shows “IIII” instead of 4 or IV, it is an obsolete but not incorrect form as both are already in use in Roman times.

Recall that Battlefield 5 will be available from October 19 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, those who will pre-order the Deluxe Edition can start playing the game from October 16, pre-ordering any edition will give users early access to the Open Beta, whose start date has not been communicated yet.