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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC with “Sweet New Game Mode” download available soon

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Battlefield Hardline was released on March 17, 2015. The game was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Battlefield Hardline is an impressive first-person shooter game. This is a recent release and after few months we heard about this new Robbery DLC. There are three DLC coming up after the release. One is already released and this one is the second. Third DLC will be coming up soon. This DLC deals with a different gameplay where it includes robber’s activity and use of different weapons. Yet there is no trailer revealed that can tell us a bit more about the same. The DLC will also have a Sweet New Game Mode. With new weapons it would be a bit interesting to play the game.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Pics
Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Pics

There are some videos that just show what the DLC might have but not the exact specific content. We have to wait for sometime unless the DLC is finally announced and released for all. A proper release date for the same is not yet cleared. But it might be coming soon and with that the next DLC will be already on its way to release. Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity was the last one that came out a month ago. And it is accessible to all those who have a Battlefield Hardline Premium account. The old one also brought up new maps and weapons. After this Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC would be another addition with different gameplot. As the name says this would have activities related to robbing stuffs and then escaping.