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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC with New Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles revealed

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There is a new DLC coming up for Battlefield Hardline called as Robbery. The DLC is announced and will be coming with ample of new content to test out with a new map. There are new gadgets also in the same with some add-on vehicles. One addition in the game is gas launcher. The players will be able to throw a grenade that releases a lethal gas allowing them to gain over others. This is a nice weapon for surprising the enemies in case of ambush. The attack will create double damage and it will also blur vision of enemy. So you get a small window to change the game output. The gas affects those who are not wearing gas mask.

Battlefield Hardline Screenshot
Battlefield Hardline Screenshot

Another new thing that is found in Battlefield Hardline is a first aid pack for the passengers. So in case if they are attacked then you can give them first aid including the operator. Under new weapons you get a bull up rifle in this game. There is also an assault rifle that offers more power and better damage. There will be three rifles with special benefits. One thing the DLC is going to add is throwing knife on the players. In case if someone is throwing grenade on you for attacking, you can throw a knife and take down the enemy. It is a kind of single hit only. You can also do this to bring down someone closely. For new vehicles you can easily find pickup trucks in the map. You can use them to escape as well. There is also a scout helicopter that will let you to cross higher distance in no time. The DLC will be coming in the month of September but still its price is not yet provided yet.

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