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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC download available on September 16 for Premium members

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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC will be finally coming this month of September 16. This will be only available for those who have the Premium access. Others will have to wait for some more time.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Image
Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Image

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC is going to bring a lot of new content for the players. There will be plenty of new content to checkout with amazing new features. The final release date is not clear and those who have the premium access will get the first chance to test it out. The DLC will be coming on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Below are the details about the DLC content taken from the official website:

Maps –

  1. Precinct 7 – Precinct 7 is the first snow map for Battlefield Hardline, and the first snowy map set at night in the history of the Battlefield franchise. It has a little bit of everything, from warehouses perfect for sniping, to blocks of road to burn rubber on in Hotwire mode.
  2. The Docks – The Docks is a night map that offers a generous mix of open outdoor space and claustrophobic interiors. Scale to great heights and snipe from atop a crane, or hijack a scout helicopter and rain down justice from above. Makeshift towers of cargo crates give infantry plenty of places to hide, but beware – they can be toppled and reduced to a twisted mess of metal and debris with one carefully placed bullet.
  3. Museum – Museum is the first 100% indoors map for Battlefield Hardline. The various wings and floors of the Turing Natural History Museum make this setting a perfect infantry map. Among the exhibits are a collection of Egyptian relics and the requisite ensemble of Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Utah Raptor skeletons.
  4. Break Pointe – Break Pointe is a driver’s paradise. Situated on a stretch of highway along the scenic California coast, this enormous daytime map features a ton of terrain to drive on, over, under, and through. In addition to the pristine roads, there are rivers, gulleys, and canyons for a little off-road exploration
  5. Squad Heist Mode – This mode combines the combat of Battlefield with the intimate fantasy of a classic heist. It’s a multi-stage mode, where criminals need to grab a drill, break into two vaults, grab the loot, and escape – all with the cops breathing down their neck.

Weapons & Gadgets –

  • Throwing Knife
  • CS Gas Launcher
  • Vehicle Healing

Rides & Camo –

  • Faction Pickup Truck
  • Scout Helicopter
  • Beehive Gun Camo
  • Street Gun Camo
  • Money Gun Camo
  • Limited Vehicle Camo
  • Ice Vehicle Camo