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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC download available in September 2015

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Battlefield Hardline is going to get a new DLC in the month of September this year. The name of this new DLC is called Robbery DLC. The DLC will be based on a robbery event. There will be 4 maps in the DLC and with that it is also going to offer you a new Game Mode. So this would be rather most impressive DLC for the game that is going to release in the coming time.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Images
Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Images

The new game mode in this DLC is called as Squad Heist. In this mode you have three things to do. You have to drill in the first vault and then in the second vault and then escape. So things will be really fast here and getting prepared for the same matters a lot. At the end the criminals are allowed to call a helicopter and then run to safe place with the loot.

The DLC will be available for those who have the Premium Membership first and after that others can purchase the same. It will be released two weeks earlier for those who are Premium Members. The game DLC looks pretty impressive with lot of new things in the game. The 4 maps that are included in this DLC are The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7. With this the Squad Heist mode lets you to play in the form of 5 member team. There will be also 4 new weapons with 2 new gadgets in the game. And there will be certain vehicle upgrades and factional vehicle as well.