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Battlefield Hardline new Patch available for download soon

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A new patch for Battlefield Hardline will be provided for download soon. This patch brings up new fixes and more game stability. Yet the patch is only announced without having any confirmed date for its release.

Just a few weeks ago Battlefield Hardline was out with a bit challenging gameplay. There might be minor bugs that players have reported. It is quite early that we are getting the patch. This is a kind of instant response for the game that will surely help gamers to get a more improved gameplay. Many have spotted bugs such as game crashing, server exploits, etc. This also includes a few premium events which must have been started, but missed by the players.

Officially the patch details were announced on the forums that states the game developer is working on it. The glimpse of the patch details is provided below which is an excerpt from the official forum here. There are three things that the developer primarily targets on the patch. We found this information really low. We can expect few good fixes in it.

Patch Logs:

We have a patch in the works. Here are just some of the issues being addressed:

  • We’re looking at the spawns in TDM.
  • We’re adjusting tickets for CQ.
    We’re looking at RPG spam in Hotwire.

There are more fixes, but until we actually ship the patch we won’t talk about all of the details because they are subject to change. We’re in constant contact with the community and have a slew of issues to address – not all of them can be fixed with this patch, but the top ones and low hanging fruit will be.

There is no ETA on the patch yet. We’ll talk more about this later.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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