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Battlefield Hardline Direct X Crash and Dragon Age: Inquisition TDR crash Hotfix Download

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From here you can download a hotfix that can fix two different errors of two different games. This hotfix is only for Nvidia graphic cards. The first one is Battlefield Hardline. If you are facing a Direct X error crash then just apply the hotfix. The same hotfix also fix TDR crash problem on Dragon Age: Inquisition. The patch works well for Battlefield Hardline. Mostly new Nvidia drivers gets updates automatically, but in some system this would not be provided. The patch is only for PC edition. For any further bugs report in the comment section. Click on the below image to download the Hotfix.



  Download the Hotfix.



  • Battlefield Hardline – crash with a Direct X error message on some systems
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – TDR crash with some 600 and 700 series cards

Hotfix Version – GeForce Hotfix driver 350.05