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Battlefield Hardline Beta Download for PC

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Visceral Games and EA already have the beta listed for download and Battlefield Hardline bridge mode will be the most important in the game.

Today, indeed, within a few minutes, you can start downloading the open beta of Battlefield Hardline in PS4, Xbox One and PC, and Visceral Games did not want to miss this opportunity to stress again how well it has specifically been left with the Bridge mode of Battlefield Hardline.

As expected, the open beta of Battlefield Hardline launches today until 8th February. To play this game on your PC you need to download and install the Origin Client. Also the open beta is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

You will have to make room on your hard drive as Battlefield Hardline Beta takes about 11GB space on your PC. The Beta of this game of cops and robbers have three different maps and multiplayer game modes: Hotwire, Heist and Conquest mode.

  • Hotwire: Criminals try to steal high-speed cars and the police will chase them to bring back the stolen vehicals. To evade the chase players need to work well with allies and drive the vehicles effectively.
  •     Conquest: This mode can be played by 64 players in Dust Town map. There is another Desert Town map which is very well known for drug trafficking, players are also very fond of this mode.
  •     Heist: Players can play this mode in the Bank Job map. You will try to access a vault but police are also after you. Additionally you can choose which side you want to play this mode.

Download Battlefield Hardline Beta from this link.