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Battlefield 6: When Is The Next Series Coming? And What Will be The Features?

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The Battlefield is the most famous and awaited game, and Electronic Arts and EA Dice are preparing the sequel of the upcoming game. It will come with new updates and features. EA is trying for something big in the 6th edition of the game.
Fans are looking forward to all the details of the game, so let’s talk about all the details of the Battlefield season 6. EA projects have been delayed as they are in the developing phase. Developers are focusing on all the main objects of the game.


Modern Military based projects

the previous two games were on the historical events and recent military games. The fans much-appreciated battlefield 3 in terms of gameplay and storyline. Therefore there is a need for modern Military based games that can maintain the standards of the battlefield franchise.

Level of competition

in call of duty, there were many mistakes but this year company is looking at all these. With the announcement of Modern Warfare Reboot, half a job has been done. It is expecting that there will be a fierce competition, just like previous Battlefield games.

Game Mechanics

Historic wars are a problem in the game, and it is the latest technology of weapons. All the weapons are not satisfactory for all the players. Therefore it could be changed if Battlefield dropped the idea of the Vietnam era.

Will Battlefield Set to Vietnam?

It is expecting that Battlefield 6 will be set in the Vietnam era. Many reports are saying that there is a possibility of the return of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Definitely, it deserves to come back into the next installment. Now see what developers do with Battlefield 6.

Release date of Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 was released on 20th November 2018 for the Xbox series, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Now fans are excited for teh sixth installment of the game. Electronic Arts Die makes no announcement, and before some months ago, it was declared that the game would be available in 2020.

But the game has been delayed, some reports are saying it will be available in October 2020, but some are featuring that it will not come before 2022. So let’s see what will happen in the game.