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Battlefield 5 Reportedly Freezes When Opening A Specific Menu In-Game

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It seems that Battlefield 5 has a very annoying bug, at least for the PC version, which actually freezes the game if you access a specific menu.

According to reports, many players have reported a bug in the PC version of Battlefield 5, which freezes the game simply by opening a specific menu. The problem should soon be resolved with a new update.

Reportedly opening the menu of Assignment from the pause screen in certain situations the game crashes: the first evidence speaks of a black screen and a real freeze on the game screen, the only solution at the moment is to force restart the game by pressing ALT+F4.

Other players of Battlefield 5 claim that the same problem occurs, again on PC, by selecting the item to get server information. The bug was not resolved with the first patch of Battlefield 5 and did not yet appear in the “known problems” until yesterday.

It is not clear what exactly causes this problem, if it is tied to particular hardware or software configurations, the appearance of the bug seems to be rather random, at the time DICE has not commented on the situation and the resolution of the problem does not figure in the day one patch changelog.

However, it is likely that in the next few hours the studio may publish a small hotfix, especially if the testimonies increase.


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