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Battlefield 5 Pre-Load Dates and Times Revealed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Electronic Arts officially announces the dates and times of pre-loading of Battlefield 5 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Users who had pre-ordered the title on Origin and on the digital stores of Microsoft and Sony consoles will have several days to download the title before its release.

From the information shared by the American video game giant published in these hours on the pages of the EA portal of Answers HQ, we learn that the preload of Battlefield 5 will take place in several stages:

  • PC (all versions) – Wednesday, November 7 at 5 am PT, 8 am ET, 1 pm GMT.
  • PlayStation 4 (BF5 Deluxe Edition) – Wednesday, November 7 at 9 pm PT, 12 am ET (November 8).
  • PlayStation 4 (BF5 Standard Edition) – Monday, November 12 at 9pm PT, 12am ET (November 13).
  • Xbox One (all versions) – Already Available.

The different dates of the Battlefield 5 pre-load reflect the strategy adopted by Electronic Arts to divide the phases of launching the shooter of EA DICE based on the different editions of the title and the willingness, by users, to subscribe one of the plans in subscription offered by EA Access and Origin Access (here too, with a further differentiation between Basic and Premium members).

  • PC, for those who subscribe to Origin Access Premium – November 9, full game.
  • PC, for those who subscribe to Origin Access Basic – November 9 with the 10-hour trial.
  • Xbox One, with EA Access subscription – November 9 with the 10-hour trial.
  • PC, PS4 and Xbox One, for those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V – November 15, full game.
  • PC, PS4 and Xbox One, for buyers of the Standard version – November 20 for the full game.

Regardless of the edition purchased and whether or not you have a subscription to EA Access or Origin Access, Battlefield 5 will launch three of the four War Stories and a competitive multiplayer sub-fund with eight maps. Between the end of this year and the first quarter of 2019, they will expand the gaming experience with a rich free post-launch content plan that will include the fourth and final Story of War, new multiplayer environments and, above all, the Firestorm battle royale mode.